This series of 10 paintings is about the interconnectedness of all living things and our crucial interdependency on each other. It was the starting point for the project One Creation:Climate Change, which is a collaboration of international artists and musicians directed by Gavin Roberts

The paintings take a long time. I make detailed drawings to start with, then they are drawn out by hand on to the canvas in pencil, then I build up the colour gradually with at least 3 layers of oil paint. I don’t use masking tape or spray; they are all done with brushes. The gold in the middle is 22 carat gold leaf.

10 paintings, oil on canvas, 90x90cm. 2015-2017

The remaining three paintings, One Creation 3, One Creation 7 and One Creation 9 are being sold for £3000 each to raise the money to pay the musicians for the 2021 One Creation Climate Change performance.

Please contact me if you interested in buying one.

Alice Sielle